Shen-Shen is a futurist
who cares about the wellness of people, communities, and ecosystems.


Wu Projects

Artist-Activist. Coder-Curator. Photographer-Writer. Taiwanese-Canadian. I was destined to be a hyphenate.

I am driven by my love of adventure, curiosity about consciousness, and respect for both science and spirituality. I believe that everything is connected - so, the best innovation lies at the intersection of art and technology.

I have an open mind, clear vision, and fire in my heart. I'm here to make the world a better place.

As above, so below
As within, so without
As the universe, so the soul

Interests & Ideas

Ecological Literacy

I am actively learning about permaculture, foraging, and reducing my individual waste. As a whole I'm interested in farming concepts such as biodynamic farming practices, soil cultivation, urban farming, aquaponics, and hydroponics. I am an advocate of sustainable architecture, renewable energy, and reducing waste on a collective level (e.g. circular economies). Ultimately, I believe in the importance of regenerative systems and local resilience.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our descendants.

Life as a Gesamtkunstwerk

The phrase "gesamtkunstwerk" is a German word meaning "total work of art". Richard Wagner, with whom the concept is associated, used it to describe works of art that span multiple genres, e.g. visual art, music, theatre, etc. I believe the definition can be taken one step further and applied to life itself. After all, what is life if not a performance art piece? What is growth if not continuous process art? Life is the ultimate work of art. Spacetime is the canvas, energy is the medium, and we paint with each thought, emotion, and action.

Some art genres and movements that I find particularly influential are: Bauhaus, land art, site-specific installations/interventions, California Light & Space, Italian futurism, minimalism, pointillism, kinetic sculpture, process art, and Joseph Beuys' happenings.

Holistic Medicine

My personal practice includes meditation, energy work, yoga, shamanic journeying, plant medicine, sound therapy, and crystal healing. Some additional topics of interest are indigenous wisdom, biophotons, epigenetics, personalized medicine & nutrition, herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and qigong.

I am particularly interested in conducting experiments and scientific inquiries into the effects of the above. I don't need proof to validate my truth, but it certainly helps an idea gain traction.

Social Enterprise and Impact

A successful business model allows one to make a good living AND make a positive impact. It's not just about what's done, but how it gets done. My ethos is non-violent communication and servant leadership - applied by both individuals and organizations.

Some causes that are dear to me: indigenous rights, food security, individualized education, open data, the metaverse, universal basic income & healthcare, sustainability, and planetary stewardship.

Does that resonate?

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